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Manage your customer relationships better with MasterPOS CRM.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is all about building and maintaining the relationships you have with your customers. With the Salesforce CRM solution, you can:

See recent purchases and invoices.

See a 360-degree view of your customer.

Access data from anywhere (Cloud-based).

Backend & Frontend control.

Access data from anGain actionable insights.ywhere (Cloud-based).

Google App Integration.

Find your customer address during a sale with our unique feature – Quick address finder.

Benefits of CRM and POS Integration

Looking at the benefits of CRM in the context of POS transactions reveals just how beneficial this combination can be.

Putting CRM in the hands of your retail sales staff gives them several key benefits that retail salespeople without CRM don’t enjoy:

Fast Capture: Customer information on everything from shipping addresses to nicknames can be captured at the POS.
This data can then be automatically uploaded into the CRM system, making it available to everyone from marketing to management.

Improved Experiences: With CRM data available on their POS device, salespeople have all of the information they need to improve the customer service to repeat clients. Data on everything from personal tastes to purchase histories is at their fingertips.

Customer Loyalty: The data collected at a POS terminal can help businesses and salespeople identify their most important customer groups. This can help salespeople identify customers who would benefit from loyalty discounts and programs, and those who wouldn’t.

Departmental Synchronization: CRM data created by a POS device is automatically synchronized across all relevant departments. The information is updated in real time, and available from a single CRM platform.

Backend Automation: Without CRM and POS integration, a lot of work goes on after the sale. Things like customer data, sales reporting, and updating marketing lists are all handled manually after the fact. With CRM and POS integration, these tasks occur automatically, in real time.

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