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Mobile Point of Sale

Say hello to the future of POS systems.

Capture Signatures Anywhere.


Capturing a signature during a card payment increases security and decreases processing fees.

When you pay with MasterPOS, instead of signing a receipt with a pen, your customer sign the screen with their fingers, and their signature is securely saved in the cloud.

In case of a charge back, you can access the signature in a matter of seconds and have the charge back cancelled..

Customers CRM

Access your CRM system through the Mobile POS, Attach customers to sales & view receipts and information.

Easy to use

We Provide a 100% guarantee for a quick and easy transition. Set up your system within just a few hours.

Offline Mode

Network issues during the business day could be a problem. Offline mode on your mobile POS is our solution!

Lightning-fast Transactions

Designed for speed. Quick to set up. We completed the major goal – to be the fastest POS ever made.

Get advanced to Mobile POS system.

The MasterPOS app transforms your Apple or Android device into a point of sale with an internal credit card reader.
Offering ease of use, the most robust point of sale and live dashboard, MasterPOS will take your business where it needs to go.
Read more about iPad POS system >

Offline Mode

Whether your on roads, trade shows or just out of coverage, MasterPOS will keep saving your sales and sync them back to the cloud when your back online

Print / Email Receipts

Send the receipts to your customers directly from your phone using email You can also use air print to print from your pos

A Built-in Barcode Scanner

The MasterPOS Mobile POS app allows you to use your device camera as a bar-code reader. and ring up sales faster than ever.

Expand your business easily.

Expanding your business has never been easier.
With MasterPOS Mobile you can open an additional register or store without the need for buying expensive equipment. MasterPOS transforms any tablet or smartphone into a smart point of sale,
Don’t let your customers wait. Open your next register today.

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